Did you know you can bring me a plain product and have a logo or name added to it? I can personalise a range of products, including medical scrubs, sportswear, and workwear, even certain types of luggage! So whether you need to add a name to make something easy to spot, or you have a favourite type of jacket and want one for work too, let me know and we’ll see what we can do.

Threadway Embroidery is proud to offer three different finishes for your garments, so you can be sure you’re getting the best quality. Read more about them below.


Embroidery is created by stitching a design directly onto a garment. The design is textured due to the stitching and can be put onto almost any type of material.

When designs are embroidered, they are long lasting and durable, so we recommend embroidery for workwear and other uniforms. Embroidery is recommended for heavier fabrics (such as polo-shirts, hoodies, bags etc.) but can be used for most garment types.

For garments to be embroidered, the logo needs to be digitised, which means putting it into a format the embroidery machine will recognise. By digitising logos myself, I am able to create and edit samples before production to ensure the design will look the best it can.

I am currently only able to embroider designs up to 6 colours, but watch this space!

For an embroidered finish on difficult garments, or for customised repair jobs, iron-on or sew-on embroidered patches can be made to your specifications.

Full Colour Printing

The new industry standard, full colour printing uses water based inks to print a digital design onto transfer film, then adds a heat transfer adhesive to the image so that it can be pressed onto a garment. This is more eco-friendly than vinyl transfers as it creates less waste, and creates a bright and durable design.

With this technique, it is important that you send us a high quality, resizable file. There is no colour limit for full colour printing, but there may be a minimum order requirement.

Vinyl Printing

Vinyl printing is where a design is cut from quality heat transfer vinyl, weeded to leave only the design, and applied using heat and pressure. This method is best for simple designs with block colours and clean lines. Vinyl printing is not as durable as embroidery but is great for event t-shirts and hoodies.

For lighter weight garments, vinyl is great as it doesn’t add bulk to the material, it’s also great for kids or those with sensitive skin, as you don’t feel it on the inside.

Printed garments should always be washed and ironed inside out, and shouldn’t be tumble dried.


Adding personalisation or logos to a garment you provide depends on the complexity of the design and the item itself. Prices start from £5

Standard embroidery or print up to 100mm is included in the quote price of all products.
Larger designs are subject to an additional fee. Discounts available for large orders using full colour print.