Iron on Patch Application

Thank you for ordering your iron on patches from Threadway Embroidery. Please take the time to read through these simple instructions to help you with applying your patch.

  1. Your patch will have a clear plastic-like layer on the back of it, this is the adhesive so do not try to remove it.
  2. Position your patch where you would like it, make sure it’s straight as you won’t be able to readjust it later.
  3. Place a sheet of greaseproof paper over the patch, this helps to protect the threads and material underneath, as well as making sure no adhesive gets on your iron. Trust me on this one.
  4. Using an iron or heat press set to high (about 160C), apply firm, even pressure to the patch for 15-20 seconds. The patch and the adhesive will get hot, so be careful.
  5. Leave the item flat while you wait for the patch to cool completely, then gently test the edges to check that it has stuck. If not you can repeat the application process.

– Check the label of your garment before applying a patch. If it says do not iron, the garment is unsuitable for ironing a patch on. This could be due to delicate materials, or special coatings that do not react well to heat.
– If your patch is going to be on something that gets washed or worn a lot, you could pop a few tacking stitches on the corners to help it last longer. You can also tack the corners before ironing on to check your placement.
– If you’re not sure on anything above, there are lots of tutorials on YouTube to help you out.